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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tapiola Park part 2

This is a view from the backside of the park where you park your rig. I took it in three shots to give you full idea of where things are.

Looking down near the Free Willy tribute, you can see the swings off behind it then over by the playground you see one of the slides coming out.

Here you can still see a little of that slide, the entrance using the Astoria-Megler Bridge and just on the other side of the bridge is the (pirate) ship climbing wall all the way over to one of the Victorian houses.

This one is from that same Victorian house down over the kiddie area that is in Fort Clatsop area.

This is an over view from inside the playground. Yes Scott and I were both in the middle of this playground with the kids.

Here is the view of going in, at his point I am past the Astoria-Megler Bridge looking towards what I am guessing is a nod to the Astoria Column, you can see that same green slide going out of the play area.

You can see Scott down with the kids here, viewing from up near the Flavel House down towards the Fort Clatsop area.

In my same location this view is back towards the backside of the ship climbing wall towards one of the many Victorian houses.

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Doris J said...

Almost makes me want to have little ones to take there!

Notice the ALMOST LOL