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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Do or Do Not, there is no Try!

This picture on Facebook inspired me to want to be and do better. This year I am not making specific goals so much as just striving to make this year be the best I can make of it.

Then I saw this and thought YES! 

So here I am, ready to chronicle my exploration of myself, making conscious decisions to make positive choices... I leave you with Yoda's words... "Do or do not, there is no try"! Welcome 2015.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I sit here in frustration. I want to lose weight, but not bad enough to seriously do it. I want to go back to work, but I want to lose weight first. Then I wonder if I seriously don't work at my weight so I don't reach my goal of going back to work. My life changed when I had my hysterectomy. In some ways for the better, after all I get to PMS (bad part) but I don't deal with the bleeding (TMI I know but the silver lining to the PMS). I want to be a positive person who really see's life in happy ways but I find that nagging realist (aka conspiracy theorist) constantly fighting my trying to change myself for the better. Things that I lived for (aka sex) are completely and thoroughly and after thought. Which is good for me, because in my house we were the opposite, I was the one constantly requesting what my hubby was too tired for. I started to think I was weird, now that I never give it a second thought I find the roles have flipped and I keep telling him what needs to happen for me to be in the right frame of mind. But often sleep is all that happens. I'm just putting my thoughts out here because they swirl around in my head and I keep thinking that I'm broken and it seems as though no one is willing to help fix me. I know ultimately I have to fix me, or that time will adjust things in me to where they need to be. Sad thing is I feel as though I completely lost my patience, which I wasn't great at before, but I was far better than I am now. Okay I'm done talking to the world wide web now, silly really because in the end I'm just talking to myself in open forum. LOL

Friday, January 07, 2011

Time passes

It's amazing how fast time passes, wasn't aware that it's been a year since I've posted, ...OOPS!

2010 had good points and bad points. As I start 2011 the kids are both in school now, I've gained too much weight and I hope for a better year than 2010 was to us. Guess we'll see soon enough. To wrap up 2010 we started Zach on a program in school to help him figure out how to be less fidgety in class. He can focus on the work but plays with items and for some odd reason has taken on screaming in the boys lavatory.

No clue why the boy who doesn't like loud sounds himself would find himself in the boys restroom screaming. That one still has me scratching my head. Only thought I have mustard is that he liked the echo in there. Needless to say when the behavior specialist asked to work with him we jumped at the chance. I would rather find a way to get him to work his best now than let him get to developed and find more of a fight to figure out how to help him.

This week was our first at home meeting. Our weekly focus is on Developing a Positive Parent/Child relationship and Confidence Building. I find that I learn better by typing/writing things out in addition to what I've been reading. I thought it might be good to put it up here so if someone who doesn't' have this opportunity is searching for how to deal with something similar this might just help them too. :)

Developing a Positive Parent/Child relationship and Confidence Building
Parent Tips
~Playing with your child is a powerful way to get to know your child better. If your child can lead the play interaction and you can support and find interest in their play, you and your child can build a strong positive relationship.
~Try to let your child direct the play.
~Observe and comment on what they are doing. For example, if your child is playing trucks you might say "So you are filling the truck with dirt."

Accept Feelings
~Even if your child is having a feeling you don't like, let it be expressed. It helps you see your child's perspective.
This: "You sound like you were really mad"
Not this: "It's not right to say you hate someone."

Display Their Work
~When your child brings home work or art from school display it on a shelf, bulletin board or the refrigerator to show them you are proud of their accomplishment.

Send a Positive Message
~Leave a surprise note for your child that sends a message that they are loved and that points out their positive traits. Write a note with a smiling face or other drawing, with the words "I love you", or another, similar message ("I am proud that you are my son!" or "You are so much fun!"). Put the note under a pillow, in a pocket or in their lunch box. You can also decorate your note with a sticker. What a surprise!

Give Your Child Responsibilities
~One of the main ways children develop self-confidence and internalize values is through helping with family chores.
~Try to:
1. Choose tasks your child has already shown an interest in.
2. Make sure the chore is developmentally appropriate for your child's age and ability.
3. Spend time teaching them how you want it done by telling, showing and practicing.
4. Praise their efforts and successes!

Hoping all this will help him and build an even stronger family unit than we already have. I hope this will help someone else in need if not today someone in the future. :D

Next weeks topic: Self-Control

What I have taken away from 2010 is that life is far to short, hug a great big long hug to those that you love and that love you and help them be the best tiny humans they can be because with hope they will grow in to fantastic grown ups. HUGS from me to you! Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Track track track... I need to track to do my very best.

Truth be told I think I haven't been because it is easier to avoid it then admit I'm not doing what I should be doing. I just tracked my breakfast, YEAH ME! LOL

I had one of those days yesterday that I was over stimulated. After my shower I was so overstimulated I just wanted to cry so I took some Hylands Calms, sat down with the rest of my Dr Pepper, some pretzels and m&m's ...not the best choices but I was calmed down and managed to get through bedtime with the kidlets. {sigh} Why I am on here admitting to my food choices last night I will never know but maybe in my own mind it is documenting what I did to help me get passed it. I know better but I didn't eat the whole bag of m&m's so that in itself is a success and I want to give myself a pat on the back for it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I need to completely do another 180 and turn myself around. For me and for my family. I really do want to get down more in weight.

I think I want to share a video that Zoie and I found a couple years ago and I love it so it never hurts to put it up again and again hehehe

The reason I put this video in here is because it is to remind us that we need to stop over thinking things. Sometimes it is just okay to think outside the box and that can be just enough to be entertaining or obtain our goal.

Friday, January 16, 2009

What are you grateful for?

I'm grateful to have friends and family who love me and support me in my decision and do everything in their power to help me plod along.