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Friday, September 21, 2007

My first weigh in . . .

I know I am just writing this for me, in fact I doubt this is read by anyone but I feel the need to do it for me. Silliness but this is all for me anyway hehehe.

So today was my first weigh in. I was pretty proud of myself. Our mtg was about motivation and positive thinking. If you find yourself saying "I'm not getting sick, I'm not gett..." your mind is actually hearing I'm getting sick. So if you change that up and say I am going to be healthy and strong that is a far better image to tell yourself. The questions to ask yourself are:

1) (Imagine yourself having already achieved your winning outcome) Where are you? What are you seeing, hearing, doing, wearing, etc.?
2) (Think about how good you'll feel) What does success feel like?
3) (Keep those good feelings close) What are some of those other behaviors?

How would you answer those questions? How do they help you? I think positive thinking is a good way to be but not always the easiest way to choose to be.

Okay now to the meat of my first weigh in was NO I AM NOT TELLING YOU MY WEIGHT {wink} but I lost seven pounds and all I could think of was Jenny McCarthy saying, "I lost five pounds in one week, how could that be" but it motivated her to feel successful and achieve what she wanted over all. Now I am talking about a hottie supermodel type lady but it still got to me so today all I could think was yea! I lost more than Jenny McCarthy in her first week. {wink} hehehe If it helps motivate me to go for more then I am a happy camper.

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