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Monday, September 17, 2007

New way of life

Friday I decided to change my "way of life", which is very tough for me. I joined weight watchers, for myself but mostly for my kids. I want to learn new ways of eating so I don't make the same mistakes with my kids. I want them to know proper eating and portions. I also want them to appreciate good cooking and although I love my mom's (and grandma's and so on) cooking it isn't the most healthy items around. They are mostly meat and potatoes cookers. I want to learn how to better their recipes and make them more figure friendly.

This is all really hard for me, being so overweight and actually talking about things. Last time I actually "revealed" my weight to a man BDH he decided he wasn't so interested in me so I just kept that to myself for fear of rejection. Now that I am done having babies I am ready to change things and work towards a better me.

Hey did you know there are tons of WW products out there to help you. I have been amazed at how yummy the Smart Ones I have tried actually taste. They even have pizza! The desserts are good too! I am seeing that the system seems pretty easy to work with. I was on the go the first day right after my meeting and I had a pretty "high point" breakfast but managed to keep myself within my points for the day.

Anyway I should end this for now but I think I am going to be posting regularly to help me "diary" my efforts, successes and failures...I am going to meetings but I want to talk about it more so I don't bore those I talk with constantly about WW stuff {hehehe}. I would love to hear what you think of your plan and goals and here what you have to say. I also have a poll to see who's following what plan if you want to add your input I would love to see it!

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