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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Why on earth do we have to have so many of the annoying things to deal with. We get menstration which why is something that happens every month to a woman have to be called "men"stration? I mean what does a man have to do with that? Not only do we bleed but we get to deal with unbearable cramps, bloating and irritability but when we get to be without all that we get to be pregnant. I mean come on we get to go through the pregnancy with all the anxieties that come with it not to mention the morning sickness that can occur, plus we get to actually go through the birthing I know I know some women believe it is most wonderful thing in the world, well I'm not one of them.

LOL I mean I am glad I had my babies but I totally could have done without all the rest what it takes to get them here. Plus we get to worry about every cotton pickin' thing ... I mean how do we turn our brains off? I could do on but there is nothing I can tell you that you probably don't already know about women LOL I really just want to say teach us to be more like men and we'll gladly give you a awful trait we got stuck with.

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