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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sam, Nate & Paige

Been busy lately and avoiding blogging {wink} I guess sometimes knowing you have no readers means it is way too easy to get lazy. I am down 52 pounds regardless of my vacation to Coeur d'Alene, must mean I am following program pretty good.

Now I am watching my friends niece and nephews for a little while while her mom recouperates {did I spell that right?} her sister was at her wits end on what to do for her daycare situation so I was asked to help out. Her kids are Sam, 8 so I only have him couple hours in afternoon; Nathan, 5 he goes off to school for couple hours right in the center of our day; and Paige, 3 1/2. Funny getting used to other peoples kids. Mine (4 & turns 3 on Sunday) are learning to play with new kids.

For the most part things seem to be going good between them, Nate is ADHD so he tends to want to control things but we are learning how to interact with him. Plus I am getting a lesson on foods because it seems as though what they (ADHD) eat really affects their day. Anyone out there have any experience they want to share?

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Sydney said...

I am a reader!!!!! Butyes, it does motivate you more to write.

xx, Syd