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Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year!

Not often we get to celebrate leap year so woohoo! My SIL(ex)'s birthday is today and I think she says she's under 10 or something (psst she's in her early 30's) but we like it the years she actually gets her own birthday. So Happy Birthday Azure! (not that she reads my blog but I feel good knowing I posted it!)

I weighed in today of course and here I am blogging, funny it seems I blog more when I am down then stand-stills or gains Photobucket I don't mean to but I guess subconsciously I am ashamed but by golly I am down from where I started and as long as I don't gain back 50+ pounds in one week I am doing good!

I keep trying to think of good rewards for myself that don't revolve around food! What do you reward yourself with? I thought about going out and getting myself something to wear, but why buy something I won't fit in sometime soon! Photobucket Right now I seem to be avoiding working on my great race stuff for tonight show so I guess since I admitted it I should get back to it so I will sign off and hope I have some readers that might help me think of some cool rewards... ta-ta

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