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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I hit 35 pounds down

I am telling you I was so excited I hit 35 pounds at my weigh in on Friday. I let out a big woohoo yelpy sound. I was so excited.

I watched RR today and there was a lady on there that did Gastric Bypass surgery and she looks fantastic but she was saying how she lost all her friends and some family over her weight loss. In the end it sounds like the reason she lost them was because she was so happy with her successes that she wasn't thinking about others feelings so much. The "expert" on the show basically just said when you make a life changing decision (which weight loss totally is) you really need someone you can talk to about it. That way when you talk with family or friends you deal more with the two-way street that friendship should be. YOu can get out the excitement and talk about the changes with that person and then when you talk with F&F you are willing to talk about their things as much as you talk about yours too.

I think that is where I am so happy I chose to do WW because I go each Friday morning I chat about foods, losses/gains, feelings and stuff that all pertains to the process of weight loss and then I don't feel like I have to preach to people about what I am learning and stuff. I am still stoked about my changes but I am not quite so at people with it, or well I try not. What she brought up makes total sense and I can so see why people would be rubbed wrong by it. Plus I come here and brain dump all this weight loss stuff so I get it out of my system too it would be nice if I got some interaction but I guess it isn't what this is about so much. I think I only have one reader anyway and she's a friend in a similar position so hopefully we can really help each other out. ;)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on surviving the Holiday Season. I gave up but now heading back to LA Weightloss. I now have a 5 month goal for my sisters wedding so I this will give me more of an incentive to stay on track hopefully.
Love, Donita

Anonymous said...

thats Amazing Shannon!!!

Sydney said...

Hi Shannon --

I'm from over at Jackie's blog. I DO check the blogs of my fellow commenters... it's so fun to do it at Jackie's and I like to know better the ppl I've come to know daily there.

I'd like to add my cheering you on... I think the issue you wrote about is very good. I had another thought... There are also some people who lose family and friends because sometimes those folks are invested in them NOT changing... because so many ppl are uncomfortable with change themselves. And if someone you are close with changes, your life changes in some way without your necessarily wanting it to.

ie; If one member of the family changes eating and exercise habits, the rest of the family may try to sabotage it to not have to reflect on those things in their own life... or it could just be that they feel mom or wife or dad or whomever is gone too much now that they are working out regularly, or not making the same dinners that they grew up on and are comforted by, etc... It can be complicated!

But I do think that there are positive ways to handle it, and you
cited several. Sounds like you have supportive people around you too and that is so great. How anyone can be anything BUT supportive when someone is making healthy choices for themselves! Good for you!